Shokay is the world’s leadingprovider of responsible yak wool. Our fibres are hand-combed by Tibetan herderswho raise their yaks on the Himalayan plateaus above 3500 metres, where yaksroam freely and are cared for like family. Sourcing directly from localcommunities offers young Tibetans the opportunity to connect to a global supplychain while embracing their cultural identity.

How Did It All Start?

Whilst studying at Harvard, Shokay co-founder Carol Chyau knew she wanted to find a way to influence social change and sustainability. She figured she would start by exploring one of the more remote places in Asia, the Tibetan plateaus of
Western China.

​There, she discovered the fibre that she believed could contribute to a sustainable future for fashion- yak wool.

 When she read a United Nations report describing yak wool as “comparable to cashmere,” she wondered to herself, “Why is yak wool used so little in fashion?”

 The pursuit of that answer has led Carol on a 17 year journey to develop the broadest range of yak wool products available on the market across
the entire supply chain. From textiles research to fashion design, we cross disciplines and geographies to bring beautiful products made from
responsible yak wool.


Shokay both provides yak wool and textiles to other fashion brands and designs its own capsule collection.Our belief is simple. The more people use yak wool, the more Shokay can purchase from local communities, and the more impact we can all make together.


We are confident that when Shokay becomes the warmest piece you own, you too will fall in love with yak wool! Join us on this journey by buying our products or simply by sharing our story!